Ian Voon ~ Law Student

I used to think that hiring a coach was a waste of money until I got injured. Since mid-2017, I’ve been fearful of lifting heavy again and have always worked around the injury rather than fixing it. 


So I started training under Marvin officially in early December 2018. His methodology and approach to training were very holistic, from mobility work, warm-up drills, main lift guidance, and also proper cooling down. All I had to do was to leave my ego at the door and unlearn and relearn most of the things I thought I knew about the way my body functions and reacts to training. Although some of the drills introduced seemed weird to me in the first few weeks, it’s worked so well for me that I now can’t think of working out prior to going through the warm-up drills first. He constantly shares very freely and very passionately about what he’s learnt and knows about training.


I highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a coach. Especially those who’ve suffered any type of sports injury before to consider hiring Marvin as your personal coach.


Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

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