Helena Erin ~ Editor

I started my fitness journey after a long period of inactivity. Coach Marvin took into consideration my preferences and goals to create a program that motivated me to push myself. After 6 months, I can say that every single workout was challenging but fun and most importantly, sustainable in the long run. He checks in very regularly to keep me accountable to my program as well as to give useful tips and comments, so even though the coaching is not in person, I’m still able to benefit from Coach Marvin’s extensive knowledge. 


As Coach Marvin focuses on good form, proper warmups and cooldowns, I’m now at the strongest I’ve ever been and all with no injuries or soreness. Thanks to Coach Marvin and his program, I’ve lost weight, got better posture, increased muscle, more energy, sleeping better, improved my endurance and even decreased my antidepressant medication. 


I highly recommend personalised coaching from Coach Marvin whatever your fitness goals may be! Investing in your health now will pay off later!


Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

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