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I provide fitness goal solution by incorporating the best possible training and nutrition guidance into your lifestyle so that you can build the body you that always wanted. 



This training program will help you to move better and pain-freeI can design a strength training program that unlocks the strength potential of your body. The benefit of strength training will focus on muscle growth, strengthening your bone, improve body posture and will elevate your confidence. My principle is the right technique is the foundation of strength. Let me help you to get stronger.


There is no shortcut to fat loss and muscle gain but just dedication and commitment to change to a healthier lifestyle. You need the right nutrition and exercise program to make it effective. The secret to effective fat loss and muscle gain is the execution of long term sustainable program that will fit your lifestyle. And I can help you to achieve your desired body composition and MAINTAIN it that way for a long time.


Being a Powerlifter myself, I went through the process of preparation until competing in a Powerlifting Meet. I have the skill-set and experience to help you to increase your TOTAL in your next meet. Even if you are new to the sport, I will give you an easy guide to follow. Remember, every professional was once an amateur. Let me help you to increase your TOTAL.

Fitness Coaching Includes;

  • You will receive a customized training program with specific instructions.

  • You will receive fitness assessment, nutritional advice and education from ACE-Certified Coach.

  • You will have a weekly check-in with the coach to listen and monitoring to your fitness progress.

  • Highly recommended for intermediate and advance athlete.

Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

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