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3 Benefits of Personalized Exercise Program

Updated: May 3, 2020

Welcome to MARViNSPIRE Fitness! Have you ever download free standardized exercise program from any fitness website? The exercise program has barbell back squat movement, but your gym does not have a squat rack. You just recovered from a knee surgery, but the exercise program your download has jumping lunges *Not a good idea!* In another situation, you do not have access to any gym nearby you and your standardized program, requires you to use a lat pull down machine or a pull up bar. How are you going to do the exercise on your standardized program? Well you can't! 

When you're shopping for a shirt, there are sizes for you to choose.  You will choose the shirt that fits you. If your shirt size is M, it make no sense for you to buy S size shirt. And it is even better when you buy a tailored shirt that suit your size perfectly. It is very similar to an exercise program because you need to the right exercise program that suit your fitness goal. Almost all standardized exercise program are not on the direction to your dream fitness goal. An exercise program needs to be personal to make it work for you, instead of you work for the exercise program. I am going share the the 3 benefits of personalized exercise program to you.  

1. You are able to follow through to your exercise program until the finish line.

One of the toughest obstacle that you will face is LIFE VARIABLE. Your daily lifestyle activities  are very dynamic with ups and down. You may have a demanding job, you may need to travel, you may be a someone who needs to take care of family member who is sick, you may a mother or fathers who have kids to take care, you may be a student studying for exam, you may be an engineer who travel to offshore and work on 12 hours shift, you may be an entrepreneur or businessman hustling day and night and the list LIFE VARIABLE goes on and on. Because of these LIFE VARIABLE, you are not able to follow through to your exercise program and drop out. Your fitness goal dream out to the window. 

Now how can a personalize program can help you? As a coach, personalized program need to start with listening to you. I need to listen preference, expectation, ability and the environment that you are living. Once I have that, I am able to design a program to create the right fitness adaptation to meet the your preference. The exercise program is backed up with science facts. The guideline needs to be simple for you to understand. I need to know if you have access the right facility and equipment. If you have access to gym, great! If there is no gym, body weight training is always available.

When you have all these component in place, I guarantee you that you will follow through to your exercise program until you reach to your desired finish line.

2. You will see and feel better progress and result.

Personalized exercise program will deliver better progress and result. And let me tell you why? Everyone is different, because everyone have different fitness goal and especially different starting line. They are a range of exerciser which consists of elite athlete, seasoned fitness enthusiast and super novice exerciser who never enter the gym. An elite athlete needs elite level exercise program, whereas a novice exerciser needs a novice level exercise program. The exercise program needs to suit the exerciser or athlete needs to see and feel progress and result.

Let's look at the analogy of buying a shirt again. Committing to standardize exercise program is like buying a free-size shirt. You know the reality that there is no such thing as a free-size shirt. Most of the time, a free-size shirt will not make you look good and feel good as well. It may be too damn tight, or too damn big. You need to buy a specific size or better yet a tailored made shirt.

So it is best to have a tailored made exercise program that established the right starting line until the finish line that fit you. A right personalized exercise program will help to improve your strength, address your weakness, focus on measurable progressive overload and especially very specific for you and only you. What does it means for specific? It goes back to your starting point. Let's just say you unable do a good form body weight squat, it does NOT make sense for you to do a barbell back squat. Your personalized program needs to start from a body weight squat and NOT barbell back squat. If your "free-size" exercise program have barbell back squat, that program is not right for you. I will guarantee that you will get injured when you are doing a barbell back squat without mastering the basic of body weight squat. Your foundation need to be solid first before you can progress to advance movement.  

You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure. - Gordon B. Hinckley

Just like a tailored made shirt will make you look good and feel good, a will see and feel better progress and result with personalized exercise program.

3. You will receive valuable learning from your Certified Coach!

Personalized exercise program needs to come together with certified and credible coach. One of the most important task for the Coach to do is to educate you. Coach needs to listen and observe to find out your starting line. Then, it is the Coach`s task to plan a the path for you until your finish line. The personalized exercise program are the path that the coach need to design for you with clear instruction.

Through the coaching process, you will receive valuable learning about health and fitness from your coach. Coaches will explain; Why you need to do a body weight squat first before you progress to barbell squat? Why you need to an incline box push up first before you do a floor push you? He or she will explain the reason of the repetition, set, tempo, rest time, movement instruction and progression. These information are essential for an effective personalized exercise program.

Furthermore, you can ask questions to find out the fitness facts or myths. Especially in the World Wide Web, information are everywhere. Unfortunately, most of it are not backed with scientific facts which will lead to disappointment and discouragement. For example, "Carbs like rice and bread are bad for you." or "Ladies, lifting weight will make you big and bulky". These statements are fake! Just ask me on the contact section of my website. I will explain to you why it is fake. There is a saying;

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional wait until you an amateur. - Red Adair

I believe it is worth to invest in credible and certified coach to design a personalized exercise program to help you to reach your desired finish line. Even myself, a fitness coach also invest in another coach to design my personalized exercise program. I do that because I want to learn from an experience coach.  

Let us summarise, "free-size" exercise program will not be as great as a tailored personalized exercise program. You are able to follow through to your exercise program until the finish line because you can overcome life variable. You will see and feel better progress and result because it is design specially for you. And finally you will receive valuable learning from your certified Coach who will teach you how to fish instead of giving you the fish.

Feel free to contact me, your MARViNSPIRE Coach is here to help you to reach your fitness finish line

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