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Results don't lie and YOU can become a success story too!

Ian Voon - Law Student

His methodology and approach to training were very holistic, from mobility work, warm-up drills, main lift guidance, and also proper cooling down. I highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a coach to consider hiring Marvin as your personal coach.

Ameline - Executive

With the training program personalised for me based on my fitness goals, I can see the results and improvements within few weeks. Coach Marvin gives proper guidance and coaching and also advice throughout the program!

Sarah - Finance Executive

Marvin is an extremely helpful and meticulous coach. I have gained massive muscle and strength by following his program. Result speak for themselves.

Helena Erin- Editor

Thanks to Coach Marvin and his program, I’ve lost weight, got better posture, increased muscle, more energy, sleeping better, improved my endurance and even decreased my antidepressant medication. 

Wendy - PhD Student

Marvin offered valuable feedback which I appreciate. If I were to merely follow Youtube videos, I wouldn't really know if the exercises are being done correctly. That`s what a trainer can do; to give feedback on correct form and technique. 

Goh Han Yun - Chriopractor

Coach Marvin has helped me to improve my technique on all three barbell lift. I can say that I feel more confident and consistent with my lifting technique. Highly recommended!!

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