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Our Winning Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy of Winning


The relationship between coach and athlete is very important. We need to have a very clear and effective communication.

I need to provide constructive feedback and explain the purpose of what athletes are doing. I need to ask the right question to under the athlete better. Besides that, I must improve my skill set to help the athlete like continuing my education as a certified coach.

Athletes must communicate what is working and what needs improvement. Their input must be as details as possible. They also should have a growth mindset to learn and be able to put under pressure to grow. 

Together, we can make progress towards winning. This is our first winning coaching philosophy.

Personal Training between Coach and Athlete


Winning will be an uncomfortable journey because it requires sacrifice and discipline. To win out there, you must first win in your mind. It's not just about the physical effort you put in training but also about your mental toughness. 

It's the CAN-DO mindset; you need to get up every time you fall. Failure is part of the journey of winning. Hence, a strong and determined mindset can help you overcome any obstacles and achieve your fitness goal. 

Athlete must keep going no matter what for that win.

Winning Team


My job is to close the gap between the athlete's starting point and goal. I need athlete athletes' data to make that happen. Their data help me make better and wiser decisions in their training programs to progress. That is why the coach and athlete need to work as a team. 

There are two primary data sets: Athletes' training and lifestyles. 

Athlete's training.

I designed an athlete's training program based on the Performance Pyramid and periodization, with a specific objective in each block to help the athlete progress. Every program component has a purpose. The training must have the right progression/regression of exercise selection, technique, load, intensity training and exercise format.

Athletes need to give me feedback on what works and does not work so I can adjust. Your data matters before I make a better decision for you.

Athletes' Lifestyles.

Athletes might have other life priorities, such as being a mom, dad, busy professional, or competitive athlete. They have different life external factors to manage. Knowing their stress levels and how they manage external life factors is important.

It helps me build a training program they can consistently adhere to with discipline. If their training programs fit their lifestyle nicely, it sets them up to win better.

Fit Mom going for a jog

These 3 winning coaching philosophy are essential. They are my pillars that allow me to deliver and make quality coaching decision to help athlete like you to achieve your fitness goal to win!

Thank you for reading until the end. Let's go for the win!

Coach Marvin with Winning Athlete


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