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Clients Success Stories

Ian Voon ~ Law Student

His methodology and approach to training were very holistic, from mobility work, warm-up drills, main lift guidance, and also proper cooling down. All I had to do was to leave my ego at the door and unlearn and relearn most of the things I thought I knew about the way my body functions and reacts to training.



Are you an athlete who wants to jump higher, run faster, move in a different direction in split second and perform better in your game? I can help to unlock your peak performance. I can design a strength and conditioning training program that unlocks the performance potential of your body.  This training program will help you to move better and perform at your peak athletic level. 


Being a Powerlifter myself, I went through the process of preparation until competing in a Powerlifting Meet. I have the skill-set and experience to help you to increase your TOTAL in your next meet. Even if you are new to the sport, I will give you an easy guide to follow. Remember, every professional was once an amateur. Let me help you to increase your TOTAL.

💯One of my 2019 Life Goals, completed!

About Coach Marvin

Our vision is to help 10,000 people to achieve their fitness goal by the year 2040!  

There is no shortcut! Just consistent handwork! We will start with a change of your little habit starting with the right mindset! 


We believe being healthy and fit are forgotten lifestyles, especially in this fast-moving modern world. There are methods to make a healthy and fit lifestyle a priority.