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10 Reasons WHY you need a Certified Personal Trainer!

Hello! Welcome to MARViNSPIRE! Let me start with;

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional wait until you an amateur. - Red Adair

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) are fitness professionals that will help you to achieve you long desired fitness goal. Your fitness goal could be losing weight, toned body, more muscle mass, high squat number, move pain-free, able to walk-up the stair-case without losing your breath etc. Having a personal trainer, especially certified and credible are trained to lead from where you are now to your where you want to be effectively and safe. 

Personal Trainer are like the Google Map of your fitness journey. You key-in the destination on Google Map, and the app gives you direction toward your destination. They are also like a captain of the ship, that will give you direction where and how you need to sail the ship. Having a personal trainer that guide you throughout your fitness journey is very beneficial. They can be beyond personal trainer, they are your coach! Let me share to you the ten reasons why you need a certified personal trainer.

1. Set realistic and appropriate fitness goal

Personal Trainer knows how to set specific, measurable and attainable goals that will push you but at the same time realistic with a given time. Your fitness goal need to align to with your lifestyle to make it attainable. The right fitness goal will help to keep you motivated and accountable as it provide you a sense of true gratification when you achieve these goals.

2. Personalized Exercise Program

Personal trainers are trained to build exercise program design tailored specifically for you to improve performance, speed up progression of results and especially reduce the risk of injury. Furthermore, your exercise program need to address your weakness. They will develop a program that will allow you to reach your goals in the most efficient and effective manners that suit your lifestyle. So you do not waste your time or energy. You can read more here; 3 Benefits of Personalized Exercise Program

3. Proper Exercise Form

Your personal trainer has the knowledge to teach and educate you proper form to prevent injury. They are able to sequence progression and regression movement for you based on where you are. This element is essential for beginners to perform compound lifts such as squat, deadlift, overhead press and bench press. It is also applicable for elite athlete who wants to progress further to perform advance compound lifts.

4. Nutritional Guidance

Most personal trainer can give you basic nutritional guidance including advice on good food selection, and help you to understand the nutritional needs. Your trainer can help you to understand nutrients at macro level which include, carbohydrate, protein, fats, and fibre. This true, when they are a nutrition specialist. Keep in mind, not all fitness coach are dieticians and they are not legally allowed to prescribe you with an actual specific diet plan. However, a basic nutritional guidance is sufficient for you to achieve your fitness goal.

5. Sport Specific Training

Whether if it is in the area of strength, endurance, speed, agility, flexibility and hypertrophy. Your trainer should have the knowledge to tailor made your exercise program to help any level advance and elite athlete to develop and improve the specific physical abilities required by their sport. They need to include exercise movement to address your specific weakness in order to propelled you forward.

6. Overcoming progression plateaus

Whether the goal is building strength, increasing endurance, decreasing body fat, and increase in muscle size. Overtime, most experienced and elite fitness individuals hit a plateau. You have been trainings for weeks and months, but you do not see any progress. That is plateau! Your trainer should be able to provide that fresh new perspective and expertise to help to get you over that plateau. Most importantly, you will get back on track for better progress.

7. Good Source of Motivation

Getting started is easy, but staying on track until you reach your fitness goal is tough. Staying motivated can be challenging most of time due to your lifestyle. An excellent trainers have the skill set to inspire you and push you to your limit just enough to make progress. They will remind you your fitness goal; your why; and how you will get there. They may even remind you the regret you will feel if you are not working on your goal. Trainers are the fuel to your fire of your fitness journey.

8. Your Accountability Partner

Beside motivation, having accountability partner is key. Your personal trainer will keep you committed and accountable to your exercise program. Keep in mind, you may have the best personal trainer, the best exercise program, complete equipment but it means nothing without action. Fundamentally, they will remind you to do the work, keep track your progress and persuade you to make that extra effort.

9. Provide constructive feedback

Your personal trainer coach are not afraid to give you with consistent constructive feedback with all the good intention for you. These feedback is for your to improve and progress until you reach your fitness goal. They will without making you feel inadequate or judged so you can better achieve your goals.

Average players want to be left alone. Good players want to be coached. Great players want to be told the truth.- Doc Rivers

10. Help to create a new and better you

Personal Trainers are not just trainer, they can be your life coach as well. They will help you to achieve the results you longing for and even help you to find out what exactly you want to achieve at the first place. Furthermore, just achieving your specific fitness gaols, your coach will improve every aspect of your life. This is done by nurturing and enhancing your physical well being and your mental well-being. If you are take care of your body well, your body will take care of you.

Let's recapped! Personal Trainer are like your mountain guide that will guide you to go through the difficult path until you reach the peak of the mountain which is your goal. They are very beneficial to help you until you reach you desired fitness goal effectively and safe. Thanks for reading! Let's get stronger everyday by investing in certified personal trainer to help you to reach your fitness goal.

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