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The 5 Benefits of Strength Training for everyone!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Strength training is great for everyone! Strength training is based on the principle that muscles need to work to overcome resistance. When you do it repeatedly, your muscles will work hard and grow. After a period of time, it becomes stronger. Putting it in a simple term, it is the activities we do every day. From walking, carrying our books, lifting boxes from the ground, pulling out our drawer and pushing it back in and from standing up and sitting down from a chair. The only thing we need to do is more repetition and add loads while doing the activity.

For example, lifting the box from the ground is similar to a deadlift exercise. When you need to stand up and sit, is very similar to a squat exercise. This shows that we have been doing the resistance exercise with very lightweight, or should I say body weight. All we need to do is to add resistance which allows our muscle grow. I would recommend everyone to do strength training. Everyone can do it with the right coaching. So what are the benefits of strength training? Let’s have a look! 

1. Strength training makes you stronger.

The most obvious fact is that you will be stronger and of course fitter. Muscle strength is crucial to making it easier to do the things you need to do on a day-to-day basis. It may include sitting down and standing up, running, carrying our backpacks and any daily activity. Every little thing that we do in our daily life will become more comfortable and easy. Here is another fact, when we get older we naturally start to lose muscle. That is why the older generation has the struggle to do the thing they need to do around them. All of us can avoid that! You can do that by doing strength training to feel younger and be younger.

2. Strength training strengthens your bone.

There are words going around that strength training will break your bone and bad for your back. Well, there is some truth in that. If you are doing strength training with horrible form and the unrealistic weight, like over 500kg as a beginner! Yes, you can hurt yourself. But, if you do it right with the right program, it strengthens your bone health.  

There is a saying you lose what you do not practice. It is exactly the same as your bone. If we do not work on it, it becomes weaker over time. Strength training increases the density of your bone as we put an incremental load on it.  It improves your functional structural of your body. Walking up the stairs will be easier. Carrying item from the ground will be easier. Take care of your bone at a younger age allows you to do your daily activities easier as you get older.

3. Strength training helps you to manage your weight. 

Jogging, running, and cycling is aerobic exercises that will help to burn your calories and lose some amount of weight. But strength training helps too! Strength training helps to boost your body metabolism by increasing your muscle mass. More muscle means more calories to be burn.  For the long-term, it helps to increase your resting metabolism. It means the rate at which your body burns calories when you’re just going about your day, not exercising. Hence, losing weight or should I say fat is easier when you have more muscle mass. You can do that with the right food plan, you going to be lean and strong. 

4. Strength training develops better body posture.

Neal Pire one of the well known Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist said “Balance is dependent on the strength of the muscles that keep you on your feet. The stronger those muscles, the better your balance.” Strength training will build the situational awareness of your muscle, bone and joints. You can feel which component of your muscles, joint and bone moving when you are doing something. You walk better, run faster, jump higher and lifts heavier.   You can say goodbye to your back and joints pain. In a nutshell, it benefits your balance, coordination, and posture in everything you do.

5. Strength training elevates your confidence.

Have you ever wonder, why people are so-called “addicted” going to the gym? It is all about the feel-good hormone. When we work out, it elevates your level of endorphins which produced by our brain. Strength training helps to release the endorphins in our body. Endorphin helps you to feel less pain. Endorphin triggers a positive feeling in our body.  It will lift your energy levels and improve your mood.  That is why the individual who loves workout has a high tendency to have confidence and charisma.

Let`s recapped, strength training makes you stronger and fitter. It strengthens your bone. It helps to manage your weight. Specifically, on fat loss! Strength training helps to improve your body posture. Finally, strength training will build your confidence. I highly recommend everyone of all ages to do strength training. With the right coaching and programming, you will get all the benefits of strength training. Let’s give it a go! 

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